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Fine Arts and Faith: Appreciating Visual Arts with Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt

When we think of art, we often think of the canvas and the painter. Visual arts, from paintings to drawings, sculpture to tapestry, are creations that can both inspire and intimidate us. Art historian Dr. Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt joins us for our “summer school series for grown-ups” on faith and art to remind us we have what is needed to interact with the visual arts. We don’t all need to be art historians to be able to appreciate and respond to the artwork around us.

Elissa is an art and art history professor at Covenant College and gives us insights on how to think about our own interactions with visual arts. From the importance of seeing art in person to appreciating the making involved we can all learn more about our neighbors by interacting with the work. Elissa encourages us to not automatically dismiss art we don’t care for, but use our discomfort as an opportunity to learn more about the stories involved. In this way art we don’t like can be a bridge to learn, and therefore love our neighbors, more fully.

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to approach your local museum with new eyes, or you are wanting to pull out some pencils and paper to sketch your backyard view, this third episode in our series will help you see the world around you with fresh eyes and know that there is much to find that is true and beautiful.

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It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God by Ned Bustard

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