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Our Bodies, Aging, & Swimsuit Season with Anna Lind Thomas

Today is the first day of summer! The season often means putting on a swimming suit and facing the fun. Humor writer and comedian Anna Lind Thomas joins the sisterhood to talk about how she is never ready for summer and swimming suits. With a funny and practical twist Anna covers swimsuit shopping (make it an event), finding a suit that flatters (skirts are cute and functional), and harnessing all of the confidence of our good bodies as we enjoy the summer with our people.

Naturally this conversation takes us into deeper topics like how we speak to our bodies, how we honor them, what confidence looks like, and how our mindset about our bodies and aging impacts how we are able to enjoy our reality. There is no turning back the clock, we will never look like we did decades ago, so acceptance is part of the process of loving the bodies we have today.

Whether you’re needing a little inspiration to embrace your 2022 body, or you want a reminder that God gives us bodies and we get to use them to do his good work in the world, this episode will be a good start to the summer months. Now get outside and enjoy the world God has made! Happy Summer!

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A few things mentioned on the show

Anna’s new book I’m Not Ready For This: Everybody Just Calm Down and Give Me a Minute

I'm Not Ready for This: Everybody Just Calm Down and Give Me a Minute

Anna’s first book We’ll Laugh About This Someday: Essays on Taking Life a Smidge Too Seriously

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