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Pursuing Peace In Your Space with Victoria Duerstock

Victoria Deurstock was learning principles of design and immediately recognized how they transfer to our spiritual lives. The flow of a room or a space can easily reflect peace. Or not. The same can be true of our hearts. What is allowing or preventing God’s peace from flowing through us?

If you are looking for peace, Victoria has some ideas about how you can find it and make it. A writer, speaker, and coach who lives in the intersection of heart and home, she knows how peaceful settings can be created and peaceful hearts can be centered.

Krista has a quick, thoughtful conversation with Victoria where they consider what it means to live peace out in our schedules, pace, and physical spaces. From de-cluttering to focal points, they cover how design principles also speak to spiritual principles. Victoria also tells why she thinks we should stay away from Pinterest and even Instagram when considering our spaces (that’s worth hearing!)

This conversation will inspire you to rethink how you set up your space, and maybe even how you set up your life.

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