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A Buys Mom’s Guide to Prayer with Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi Laditan hasn’t always prayed like she does now. Her faith in recent years has grown and with it she finds herself praying all day long in a constant conversation with God. This episode in The Busy Mom’s Guide series is about prayer. Not holy, big word prayer, but gritty, honest prayer that says exactly how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking.

We are always striving for part practical and part inspirational in our podcast episodes and this conversation hits the perfect balance of both. Bunmi reminds us of the good news of the Gospel. As a relatively returner to faith, her excitement about God’s care for us IS inspiring. She also tells us why as a mom she prays for her kids (as her parents prayed for her for many years.) If you are a mom of older kids you will be inspired to pray for them.

Bunmi also shares about HOW she prays. She gets practical. She reads Scripture, journals, anoints her children with oil, and whispers and screams. She goes to God as her father and believes in his gentleness as he receives her. This sense of safety gives her the freedom to be completely honest in her prayers. She knows God won’t reject her but will welcome her words.

If you are a mom who has never prayed you will find a friend in Bunmi. If you are a mom who wonders if your prayers matter, you will be reassured they do. If you are a mom who is tired of the fluff, we’ve got you. This conversation is for you.

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A few things mentioned in the interview

Bunmi’s new book: Help Me God, I’m a Parent: Honest Prayers for Hectic Days and Endless Nights

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” -John 1:5 (NIV)

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