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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Starting Something with Bethany McDaniel

She was making deodorant in her kitchen sink because she loved using natural ingredients. Seven years ago Bethany McDaniel had a dream to get natural deodorant and soaps into the hands of others. She had no idea she would soon have a warehouse, a headquarters, and a staff to help her get those products into the world.

We talk with Primally Pure natural products brand owner and founder, Bethany McDaniel, about how she started her company, how she manages motherhood and boss lady roles at the same time, and how she schedules almost everything. She remind us that hard is kind of normal when you’re in charge and that instead of seeing obstacles as problems to avoid, they are opportunities to try something new.

Join us for this conversation about how motherhood and an entrepreneurial spirit can work together as we are women who are world changers for good right where we are. Being a mom can mean limitations on our time, resources, energy, and attention. It can also force us to be laser focused as we pursue the dream God has given us. And who are we kidding? He knows that dream, he can help us creatively make it happen.

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