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Midlife is No Joke: The Big Questions in Midlife with Dr. Kelly Flanagan

We are kicking off a new series on the podcast this week! We are calling it Midlife is No Joke.

Because midlife brings responsibilities from many directions. It also brings lots of change. These combined can act as a pressure cooker of stress, or at least an uncharted path as we respond to changing roles, relationships, and responses (ours and others.)

Dr. Kelly Flanagan is a clinical psychologist turned fiction author who explores the big questions of life in both areas of work. His experience “sitting in the chair”, as he calls it, along with his own midlife journey, offer the sisterhood insights about the common questions many of us face as we realize we are no longer young and we still have some years of life left.

Who am I as my roles change? Where am I headed? Is there pain involved in this new change? How do I discern God’s path for me? These are not light questions and Dr. Kelly gives us some approaches on how to listen to our responses in our heads and bodies as we confront these bigger questions.

We’ve got a lot to cover about midlife over the next several weeks, and we are diving in headfirst with the big questions because we all have them.

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A few things mentioned

The first time Kelly was on the podcast: Episode 58 on Shame, Worthiness, Belonging and Purpose

Kelly’s first book, Loveable: Embracing What is Truest About You, So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life

His new book, The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell: A Novel

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