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Midlife Is No Joke: Taming Financial Stress with Kate Redden

Midlife comes with additional financial challenges. We are often paying bigger bills (think education for our kids, care for our parents, and paying of mortgages) and we are considering our financial future.

Questions like: Do we have enough coming in every month to cover what we need? Will we have enough in the future to last our lifetime? Can we give our kids a four-year college education? Can we address needs we have now while not taking away from retirement?

We bring you Certified Financial Planner Kate Redden to consult us on all of the stressful questions that money and midlife bring up. She works with clients every day helping them to identify those stress points, understand where they are currently and where they want to head in coming years.

We often don’t talk about money stress, but no topic is off limits for the sisterhood. This is a part practical, part inspirational conversation in that we give you both the why and the how of making a financial plan in order to relieve the stress of the unknown.

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A few things mentioned on the show


“Hot water heaters tend to blow up in mid-life for some reason.”

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