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An Introduction to the Lead Your Life Series w. Krista + Alex

We are starting a new series today called LEAD YOUR LIFE! For this first episode, Alex and Krista are diving into WHY leading our lives is better than defaulting to life – which is so easy to do.

In this episode we explore why each day is a new opportunity to lead our lives better than yesterday, how different people respond to change, and some areas we are doing well, and some not so well.

Giving some of our best resources for growth, we focus on how to take next, small steps in our actual lives. We are excited to dive into this new series with you!

Some Things You Heard On The Show

Steve Cuss

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

The Good Life

5 Different Kinds of Fear:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of trading security for the unknown
  • Fear of being overextended financially
  • Fear of what others will say or think
  • Fear that success will alienate peers


We announced last week and that Alex and Krista are available to bring the magic of the Sisterhood retreats to YOUR group!

They are taking their proven strategies and are available for hire to come run a group retreat for your:

  • leadership team
  • work team
  • donors
  • executive directors
  • ministry groups
  • friends

If you are interested, email for more information.

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