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Lead with Sleep Habits with Dr. Val Cacho

What is something we all need? We do every day? That God made us to do? Sleep!

And yet many of us struggle with getting consistent, quality sleep. Dr. Val is here to the rescue. An M.D. and a sleep specialist, she works with women on creating sleep habits that allow them to be more effective in the world (ahem…world changers for good right where they are.) She joins us in an informative conversation about our sleep challenges and how they change as we age.

Here’s the good news: Dr. Val says it doesn’t have to be hard! We talk through sleep apnea in women, wind down routines that train our minds and bodies to know it’s time for bed, and ways to tell our thoughts they are not welcome at 3:00a.m. If good sleep feels impossible to attain, this practical conversation will explain some of the common challenges women face and small changes we can make to feel more rested tomorrow.

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A few things mentioned on the show

Oura Ring



Trader Joe’s lentil soup

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Sleep Is a Skill podcast

Sleep Apnea Stories

Next week

Our big announcement!!! The new name of the podcast will be released and we’ll share all of our thinking behind it.

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