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Identity Crisis: What happens when your purpose shifts? With Rachel Joy

Life is changing. What we used to be responsible for, may no longer be in our charge. Whether it’s work-related, a parenting dynamic, or caring for parents who used to care for us, when our purpose shifts we may start to wonder who we even are anymore.

Enter Rachel Joy to the conversation. As someone who coaches women on their identity and purpose, Rachel gives us some practical ways to think about changing “assignments” throughout life. Our identity, who God says we are, does not change, but our purpose – or assignment of what we’re in charge of – might. We cover grief when things change when we don’t want them to, transitions as times when old lies might resurface, and the importance of trusted friends to challenge wrong thinking and celebrate our victories.

If you are in a season of shift, we encourage you to remember who God is. And if you aren’t really sure, this is a great time to seek him out. His love for you defines you. No matter your boundaries and allotments – your larger purpose is to walk this life with him.

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A few things mentioned on the show

Sparrow Collective

Identity Course

Identity Sheets

Questions for reflection

What are the lies I’m believing?
What are the fears around the lies that I’m believing?
Are their idols that I’m worshipping other than God?

Questions for reflection
What passions has God given you?
What burdens has he given you?
What are the gifts he has given you?
What are the spheres of influence he has given you?

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