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Building a Lasting Legacy with Rick + Diane Thomas Part 1

Creating a legacy in this world is something that is hard to measure, but easy to identify.  Legacy is not something we leave for people, it’s something we leave IN people.  The impact is profound, and the ripple effect lives far beyond us. 

Legacy is something we all want to leave, but how do we do it? 

Today on the podcast we are diving into this very topic with two of the most qualified people on the subject:  Rick and Diane Thomas – otherwise known as Krista’s parents.  They live out legacy better than anyone else we personally know, and we wanted to share their hard-won wisdom with you. 

We talk about the importance of intentional legacies, the impact of strong family values, and the significance of building relationships across generations. Rick and Diane share their experiences of creating a close-knit family, fostering a sense of community, and continuing to grow and explore new adventures in their own lives. 

They emphasize the importance of faith, generosity, and being present in the lives of the people closest to them.  You will walk away from this episode inspired to create a legacy that lasts in your own life


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  1. How does your family story impact your legacy?
  2. What are some small actions you are taking to build the legacy of your family?
  3. How can you invest in new relationships and maintain long standing ones at this stage of your life?
  4. How are you continuing to open your world?


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