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Sister Interview: Wynter Pitts


Our interview with mother and writer Wynter Pitts delighted us with surprises. With four girls at home Wynter unknowingly founded a magazine for tween girls. By unknowingly, we mean she didn’t set out to make a magazine, she simply was a mom wanting to create something for her daughters. Appropriately named, For Girls Like You, organically developed into a quarterly magazine and is now a project her entire family works on together.

But the family’s creative flare is not isolated to the written word. Wynter’s eldest daughter Alena acted alongside Priscilla Shirer in the box office hit War Room. In this podcast episode we hear what the movie taping process was like, how Alena trained for the double dutch stunts and how a mother’s understanding of God’s use of her children was broadened.

Wynter’s interview inspired us to broaden our thinking about how we could be world changers WITH our children right where we are. God’s plans for Wynter’s family are unique and suited just perfectly for who they are. What next step might you take with your family to walk through a door that God has opened?

Listen to Wynter’s interview on iTunes here.

You can connect with Wynter at her website and social media under For Girls Like You. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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