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Sister Interview: Sarah Harmeyer


Sarah Harmeyer is a special guest on our podcast because she is beyond dear to both of us. A friend and a heart sister that we met a few years ago at a conference. In fact we taped this episode with Sarah sitting in Krista’s real life kitchen after spending the weekend at The Open Door Sisterhood Mastermind Retreat.

Sarah is a people gatherer. A woman on a love mission as she likes to say. And she has invited many to join her in loving people around the table. In this episode you will hear the how and why behind Sarah starting Neighbor’s Table, the difference between being a good cook and a good hostess, and why others are buying Sarah’s dad’s handcrafted tables. You won’t want to miss this conversation. You’ll hear Sarah’s genuine desire to make others feel welcome in her backyard and how we can do that in our own homes with the people right around us.

Let’s join Sarah on her love mission. Listen to this episode to learn more about her story and Neighbor’s Table.

Hear Sarah’s interview on iTunes here.

You can connect with Sarah at her website (as she mentions in the interview, this is currently a landing page with a website in the works, but the prettiest landing page we’ve ever seen), on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter.

A few things you heard referenced on this episode:

Neighbor’s Table

Coffitivity app

Pandora zydeco and cajun station

@Lauraiz on Instagram

Door Dash food delivery service



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