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Hey Sister! What We’ve Learned Over 100 Episodes


It’s been a little over a year since we started The Open Door Sisterhood podcast, and today we celebrate 100 episodes! Yes, you read that right, 100! This episode is a look back by our co-hosts, Krista and Alex, at all who have walked through the doors of the sisterhood. We invite you to come in and hear some of the highlights!

All guests and episodes have been a place for growth for guests and listeners alike. At The Open Door Sisterhood we celebrate and encourage one another with our stories and expertise.Though impossible to pick favorites, Krista and Alex talk through some episodes have changed the way they think, live and ask questions. They share the new ideas they’ve taken away, which guests inspired and impacted them in unique ways, and who offered practical ideas and tips they’ve incorporated into their daily routines.

If you are new to The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast, this hour will point you toward specific episodes you won’t want to miss. If you’ve been listening for a while, you’ll be reminded of inspiring guests and engaging conversations. All is meant to remind us that God opens doors for us to walk through and sometimes we need the sisterhood cheering us on. #powertothesisterhood

You can listen to our conversation on iTunes here.

Here are some things you heard on the show:

An episode that stands out

Dorothy Greco (Ep. 49) and Patricia Raybon (Ep. 44)

(Ep. 58) Kelly Flanagan 


A guest that gave you information you’ve implemented

Alisa Keeton (Ep. 37) – Fitness

Karen Ehman (Ep. 46) – Friendship

Megan Cobble (Ep.38) – Fashion

Preparing Your Child for College (Ep.19)

Party Planning (Ep.61)

Francie Winslow (Ep.23) – Declarations


A guest that changed my thinking

Andy Crouch (Ep. 67) how we use “technology” every day

Sarah Jakes Roberts (Ep. 51), reinforced “forgive, but don’t forget”.

Sarah’s words on healthy boundaries: “I love you.  I forgive you, but I don’t know that I will be able to be in a relationship with you in the same way.  But perhaps in time we can explore in time what a new definition of our relationship looks like/means….”  

 “If a person cannot accept my no, they cannot handle my yes.”  – Sarah Jakes Roberts

Elisa Morgan, (Ep.63)   “I’m not responsible for my children’s choices.  I’m responsible for my response to my children’s choices.”  

Ken Wytsma, (Ep.73) – Innovation is the key to change.

Susie Davis, (Ep.11) – Pre-grieving concept 


An episode that surprised you

Rebekah Gregory (Ep. 60)

Blind Side (Ep. 93) 

Edie Sundby (Ep.83)

“When I can move, I’m not as afraid.  Moving helps control fear…  and the body wants to heal itself and movement is how it heals. We are spiritual beings.  Spirit is invincible.  Spirit doesn’t know weakness. Spirit is hope, it’s grace, its strength.  It’s faith.  We can tap into that through prayer and through others.  We can tap into the mystery of God that is in us.  It doesn’t know physical bounds. “

Meg Meeker (Ep.70) on the importance of fathers


A story that has come out of an interview

Katie Clem in Portland bought a Neighbor’s Table after being introduced to Sarah on the podcast, Sarah Harmeyer (Ep. 16)


A book you read or podcast you listened to because of a guest’s recommendations

Listen Love Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World by Karen Ehman (Ep. 46)

Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert’s Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor by Kendra Broekhuis (Ep. 53)

Parenting the WholeHearted Child: Captivating Your Child’s Heart With God’s Extravagant Grace by Jeannie Cunnion (Ep. 24)

Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline by Catherine McNeil (Ep. 72)

The Lifegiving Table: Nurturing Faith by Feasting, One Meal at a Time by Sally Clarkson (Ep. 95)

 The Mission Walker: I was given three months to live… by Edie Littlefield Sunby (Ep. 83)

5 Word Prayers: Where to Start When You Don’t Know What to Say to God by Lisa Whittle (Ep. 74)

Create vs. Copy: Embrace Change. Ignite Creativity. Break Through with Imagination by Ken Wytsma (Ep. 73)

Ted Radio Hour  and Truth’s Table – Sharon Hodde Miller (Ep. 78)

Business Boutique Podcast  – Kendra Tillman (Ep. 17)


A recipe you tried

Melanie Shankle’s recommended Ribs(Ep. 96)

Lisa Whittle Veggie Dip (Ep.74)

Kellie Balarie’s creamed corn (Ep. 59)


Inspired to do _____________ b/c of podcast

Be more obedient, Tricia Goyer (Ep. 29) and Kat Armstrong (Ep. 35)

Family Mission Idea, Lisa Whittle (Ep. 74)

Encourage my kids to have opinions and ask questions, Sally Clarkson (Ep. 95)

“Celebrating life is a worthy goal”  Sally Clarkson

Be more mindful of my anger triggers as a mom so I can get ahead of them (Ep. 76)


What’s Up Next:

World changer quest!

Christmas series

Do you want to give us any ideas? Feedback?  Leave a comment here!

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  1. Thank you both for all of the work and creativity that you bring to the Body of Christ. Bless you as you turn the corner toward the next 100!

  2. Katherine Jones says:

    I loved this recap and resonated with many of your significant moments. I so appreciate the combination of heart honesty plus life applicability found in the Open Door podcasts. The unique balance of inspiration and practicality encourages me to seek the doors that God is opening for me and to walk through them with growing confidence — every day. I also enjoy the easy camaraderie you share between yourselves and with your guest of the day. It really does make it feel as if I’m hanging out with a few favorite girlfriends for an hour. These podcasts have become a part of my weekly schedule that I not only look forward to but also look back on for days–and sometimes weeks and months. Well done, sisters. Here’s to another 100!

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