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Sister Interview: Tricia Goyer


We recorded this episode with Tricia Goyer while she had fourteen people in her home. So if it sounds like she is hiding in the bathroom, it’s because she is. But this is the norm for this mom of ten who manages to feed people one soup pot at a time. Where her approach is an open-handed one trusting God to provide food, space and energy to love those under her roof.

You’ll hear how Tricia’s family grew from an unplanned pregnancy when she was 17-years old to the large family she has today, what adopting children with past trauma is like, and how homeschooling fits into it all. Her honesty about how she manages this whirlwind of a very full life reminds us that perfection is not the goal, obedience to God’s prompting is.

Tricia is a true inspiration to us as she uses prayer and creative time management to write, parent and run a huge household. We know you will be challenged as we were to move away from the easier solution, toward the next bold step. No matter how God is moving in your heart, Tricia’s story will encourage you to trust in God’s provision for your circumstances.

You can connect with Tricia through her website or on Facebook Twitter or Pinterest.

Listen to our interview with Tricia here on iTunes.

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