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Hey Sister! How to Have a Healthy Sex Life in Marriage

Culture is talking about sex.  The music and movie industry is talking about sex — all.the.time.  Is the church?  Are we communicating enough about what healthy sex looks like in marriage?  Real-life sex, not just how it is portrayed on the silver screen.

Do men have a greater sex drive than women?  What is mutual sex?  How is pornography affecting the marriage bed?  How do we have honest conversations with our spouse about this topic?  What is the deal with the 50 Shades craze? Krista covers all of this and more with guest Dorothy Greco.

Dorothy Littell Greco is a photographer, writer, and author. She writes on how following Jesus changes everything in places such as Christianity Today and Relevant Magazine. Her first book, Making Marriage Beautiful, was released at the beginning of 2017.  When she’s not holed up in her office or hiding behind a camera, you can find Dorothy kayaking with her husband Christopher or creating gluten free dishes.

Listen in on our conversation today about how to improve sex in marriage in order to breathe new life into our primary relationship.

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  2. Katherine Jones says:

    So good. Thank you, Krista and Dorothy, for offering this honest but gentle conversation about a sensitive topic. I came away feeling even greater joy for my marriage. I especially appreciated the reminder that in a world that works to pull couples apart, sex helps to restore oneness. That is a holy, beautiful truth. I also loved Dorothy’s closing prayer. A gift.

    • kristagilly says:

      Thank you for saying so Katherine! So encouraged by your words, and am so grateful this episode was a gift to you, as it was to me!

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