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Sister Interview: Esther Fleece

Though Esther Fleece is in one of the happiest seasons of her life, having just exchanged wedding vows only a couple of months ago, this wasn’t always the case. Abandoned by both of her parents by the time she was a teenager, Esther is no stranger to deep and profound loss.

With heart-breaking honesty, Esther opens up about a pivotal moment in her childhood when she was positioned in a court room to divide her parents.  This set her on a course to hide her pain, pretend she was okay, and “suck it up.”  And she did… for many years.

After traveling the world with a well known organization, speaking to large crowds, and climbing the ladder in her career, Esther’s world came crashing down when she could no longer run from the painful past that haunted her. It was then that she went on a journey that led her to the language of lament.

In the interview we not only talk about her personal story, but also discuss what lament is, why we need it, and how it heals us.  We also dive into what mental illness does to a family, why the church must be careful about what it says about pain and loss, and how we can use scripture to guide us toward wholeness.

This interview invites us into the language of lament and how we can learn to speak it in our own lives.  Join us!

Further connect with Esther on her website or Instagram feed or on Twitter.

You can listen to our conversation with Esther on iTunes here.

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