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Sister Interview: A Special Blind Side Episode

It’s fall! And for many families that means football. This special episode of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast features two women with similar stories that surround family and football. In both cases it’s about reaching out to a young man, a football player, offering him a safe place to live, and in the process changing their family forever. In fact the details they share may sound eerily like a movie you know. We are calling this our special Blind Side episode.

Jolene’s story started with her husband who is a high school football coach in Washington state. As coaches do, he developed a relationship with a player, Roderick. When Jolene’s husband learned Roderick was in crisis, homeless with no support system, he invited him to come to their home and live with them. It quickly became evident to Jolene and her husband that Roderick was meant to be part of their family. He is finishing high school this semester headed to Washington State University to study and play football.

Emily’s story started in their neighborhood. She joined together with some other moms to care for a young man needing support, Garett Bolles. Each of the moms took a night once a week to offer him dinner and some homework help. Emily’s family’s relationship with Garett grew and when he became homeless, Garett came to live with them. They got him ready for junior college and then he transferred to the University of Utah to be close to home. Last spring Garett was drafted by the Denver Broncos and is beginning his NFL career as a husband, father and son.

At The Open Door Sisterhood we point women to be world changers right where they are. There is no question these two women are. They looked at a young man within their circle of influence and opened their hearts in ways that felt risky, but they would now say were with immeasurable reward. How does one measure gaining a son? A truly inspiring special episode of the podcast just for you.

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To find out more about Jolene Fisher, visit her website or find her on Instagram.

To find out more about Emily Belle Freeman, you can find her here or here.

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