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Less Stuff, More Memories: Part 1, Gift Giving


Christmas is known for its magic. It is also known for spending, stuff and stress. Why not recenter on what makes Christmas fun and meaningful? That is why we are doing a series on Less Stuff, More Memories. In this series we break down topics of gifts, traditions and the spirit of Christmas so we can focus on making memories with those we love. This holiday season doesn’t have to be about the stuff, it can be about the memories and the people who share them and ultimately the person. Jesus who came as a baby because God so loved the world.

This first in our three-part series covers gift giving. How can we give less stuff? And when we do give tangible items, how can we make them meaningful? Krista and Alex talk through how to give gifts that show love, alternatives to tangible things, and making gifts memorable and unique to the recipient.

No matter your Christmas budget you’ll find this episode to be full of different ideas for the kids and grown-ups on your shopping list. Gifts bring the special touch and generous spirit of the holiday into our traditions. They can be special without filling our homes with more things we don’t need or want. This season don’t you want to focus on Less Stuff, More Memories? If so, listen in on this entire series.

You can hear Part 1 of Less Stuff, More Memories over at The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast on iTunes.

A few specifics mentioned on this episode:

Southwest Airlines

Thou Art Exalted’s Art Box in Your Inbox

Camp Spalding




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