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Less Stuff, More Memories Part 2: Traditions


Oh Christmas traditions! They can be so much fun! And they can be so much stress! In the second part of our three part series, Less Stuff, More Memories, Krista and Alex talk through how to create meaningful, memorable traditions during the holiday season with your family, when to take a break from a tradition and involving kids in the planning and execution of things they enjoy. Because traditions are about memories, not stuff, and that’s our hope for this Christmas.

Traditions are about creating a sense of belonging that speaks into each member of a group or family’s identity. Not in an obvious way, but in a subtle, “this is who we are” way. Let’s make traditions something sustainable, fun and flexible as we plan out our time together. Is it time to modify an old standby? Drop a tradition that was good for a season? Or even start a new one? Can we say “we’ll try this” without feeling the lifetime commitment the tradition word can hold? Join us in this conversation as we explore what it means to have meaningful Christmas traditions.

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