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Sister Interview: Monica Rovira

A Sister Interview with a Latin flair, in this episode Monica Rovira brings the world to the sisterhood, reminding us how God is working through women around the globe. A native Colombian living in her adopted country of Guatemala, adapting resources for a U.S. ministry to meet the needs of Latin American women, Monica truly is a world changer.

Monica leads MOPS International’s efforts in Latin America, working to introduce moms with young children to God’s love. Throughout our conversation it is evident that Monica has the beautiful combination of vision and hard work that allows her to partner with God as he does his work. We talk through cultural differences between developing and developed countries, how event planning is different in Latin American culture than in the U.S. and why she works to keep her support network happy. Monica reminds us that relationships are the foundation for support and that when we approach other cultures with a posture of listening and learning those relationships can flourish.

From how to keep vision fresh, to trusting God through every open door, you won’t want to miss our conversation with this sister.The first Open Door Sisterhood Podcast episode recorded with someone who lives outside the United States, we’re sure you will be inspired to reach outside your daily norm through relationships.

You can listen to our conversation with Monica on iTunes here.

Monica has invited you to connect with her directly via email. You can find her at

Some things you heard mentioned on this episode:
MOPS International

MOPS Global ministry

Marc Anthony

Compassion International

World Vision


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