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Sister Interview: Michele Cushatt

A bottoming out of life can lead us to ask questions. Like who am I? Really? Michele Cushatt’s battle with cancer did just that. As a professional speaker who lost a good portion of her tongue to the disease, as a mom who was too sick to get off the couch for many months, for a woman who was used to convincing herself that she was capable to take on the next thing, she had to re-examine where her identity truly lay.

You will be challenged and inspired in this conversation with Michele as we talk through what a true identity in Christ looks like, how we often have to have loss to find it, and the difference between depression and grief. We talk through what it means to be a good friend, qualities to look for in safe friends and what makes one qualified to step into her calling. From self-doubt to loss, Michele gives us some tips on how to become unstuck and find purpose no matter our stage of life or circumstances. It has to do with our assets and the needs right around us.

You want want to miss this episode of coaching from the expert coach herself. Turn on the treadmill, get out the laundry, this is going to be one great hour!

You can listen to our interview with Michele on iTunes here. We hope you do!

Find Michele on her website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Here are a few things we mentioned on the show:

Michele’s new book: I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is

Michele’s first book: Undone: A Story of Making Peace With An Unexpected Life

Andy Stanley

Michele’s consulting services


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