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Sister Interview: Ruth Bell Olsson

Ruth Bell Olsson has ended up in some places she didn’t expect. Whether in the middle of The Congo talking with victims of sexual violence, or leading a needle exchange for intravenous drug users in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, her destination is often not what she had in mind when beginning her journey. But it is always people that bring her to these unexpected places. Those she is journeying with who challenge her to think in a new way about God’s world, and those she is serving in the moment who help her see God’s love with more clarity. People and their stories draw her in. One step leads to another and…voila…another unexpected place.

We are sure you will feel inspired, challenged, and moved by Ruth’s description of her journey as an adult, going deeper in her faith to love her neighbor in new and difficult ways. You’ll hear how her church experience put her in a position to learn about HIV/AIDS, advocate for those living with the disease, and grow in friendship with unlikely partners. We hear Ruth’s desire to be available for God and others, what it means to her to have a teachable spirit, and how she avoids clutter of any kind. Ruth’s is a story of growth and transformation. One that begins with the plea for others to teach her and show her and for her willingness to listen.

You won’t want to miss this interview with Ruth. She calls herself an advocate. We call her a friend to many. An hour of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast well worth your time.

You can connect with Ruth directly on Instagram or Facebook. Or find her working with one of the following organizations: One Million Thumbprints, Red Cord Community, Red Bud Writers Guild.

You can hear our interview with Ruth on iTunes here.

A few things mentioned in this episode of the podcast:

One Million Thumbprints

Fuller Theological Seminary

When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself by Brian Fikkert and David Platt

Wheaton College

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