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Sister Interview: Karen Stott

Karen Stott is the master at the work-life balance. Not afraid of the “b word”, she sees balance as maintaining a healthy rhythm in her workload while knowing her own capacity. When she was building her photography business, Karen had a difficult time finding a support system that would encourage both work and family, so she started The Pursuit Community to help women entrepreneurs.

We gain some insight into Karen’s approach by what she tells her children about completing a task: Do it with excellence, do it to completion, and do it with joy. If she can’t meet those standards on an assignment, Karen takes a pass. We hear how camping is her husband’s love language and how Karen is learning to speak it, why Voxer works as a work tool within a restricted work schedule, and what essential oils are her daily go-tos.

You won’t want to miss this interview with a woman who truly is working to be a world changer right where she is and is giving other women the tools to do the same. If you are looking for some inspiration on how to reconnect with your husband or want to learn how to make your shower a diffuser for essential oils, tune in to our conversation with Karen Stott.

You can find Karen at her website, the Pursuit Community’s website, and Instagram under @karenstott and @pursuitcommunity.

Listen to our conversation with Karen on iTunes here.

A few things you heard mentioned on this episode:

Pursuit Community


Proverbs 31

Glass and Stainless Steel Essential Oil Cleaner

15 Essential Oil Recipes for your diffuser

Young Living oils


Audible: Quiet, If You Only Knew, World Changer

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