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Sister Interview: Shannon Polk

Shannon Polk is a modern day Renaissance woman. An attorney, a nonprofit consultant, and most recently an associate pastor, Shannon combines head work with heart work. We’ll hear how Shannon lives an integrated life as pastor, wife, and mother, how her legal training impacts her ministry work, and how racial reconciliation plays out in her own church. From uncomfortable conversations about race to finding out from doctors that she would only have one child, Shannon’s story is rich with pursuing God in every part of life.

At The Open Door Sisterhood we encourage women of faith to walk through the doors God is opening. Shannon has sometimes wondered about the timing, but has always trusted God’s wisdom in making things happen when he has. Whether you are 40 and pregnant, a woman working with all men, a mom trying to maneuver work-home tensions, this interview has something for you.

We have a knack for spotting sisters from a distance. We’re so glad we invited Shannon up to the mic, so we can learn from her story. Don’t miss this interview. You’ll be better for it.

Connect with Shannon on her website, Twitter and Instagram.

Listen to our conversation with Shannon on iTunes here.

A few things you heard mentioned on this episode:

Michigan State

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Stew Friedman’s Work and Life Podcast

Latasha Morrison Be the Bridge

Be the Bridge curriculum

The Fabulous App

Shannon’s fish in a pouch via The Food Network

Old Bay Spice

As promised, a link to Shannon preaching here.

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