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Hey Sister! The Secret to Being Instantly Understood with Dr. John Trent

What if you could learn a tool that would change the way you communicate?  What if you could speak in a way that inspires action and change?  Would you be interested?  Us too.  That’s why The Sisterhood invited Dr. John Trent to come on the show to talk about a time-tested communication tool:  word pictures.  Jesus used them, and as it turns out, so should we.

Word pictures help us convey our thoughts and feelings with clarity and honesty.  They help cut through confusion and misunderstandings, and convey love in ways that our family and friends will never forget. It’s absolutely true.  Krista has tried this out already and it’s working!  She believes this will forever change the way she communicates with others both personally and professionally.  Listen, learn, and then give it a try!

Connect with Dr. Trent on his website,  Facebook and Instagram.

A few things you heard mentioned on this episode:

The Language of Love by Dr. John Trent  (free download mentioned on the podcast)

Gary Smalley

The Two Sides of Love

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