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Hey Sister! Reframing Hospitality

Many of us confuse hospitality and entertaining.  We think that practicing hospitality equals a picture perfect table and gourmet food, and we end up feeling insecure and inadequate when our reality doesn’t match the magazine spreads.  But what if true welcome was more about servanthood than performance?

In today’s interview, Jen Schmidt joins the sisterhood to point us to the truth that authentic hospitality is about loving others well and simply opening up our doors for the purpose of making others feel special.  In an often cold and detached culture, we can be a part of helping others feel that they belong somewhere.  This can even happen on the go.

If you want to live a life of welcome, this interview will help inspire you to do so!

You can connect with Jen on Instagram, Facebook, or on her websites: Balancing Beauty and Bedlam or The Becoming Conference

Some things you heard on the show:

Just Open the Door





The Power of Moments

Cooking Power Hour

Dump and Run Taco Soup

Romans 12:13-20 The Voice 

13 Share what you have with the saints, so they lack nothing; take every opportunity to open your life and home to others.14 If people mistreat or malign you, bless them. Always speak blessings, not curses. 15 If some have cause to celebrate, join in the celebration. And if others are weeping, join in that as well. 16 Work toward unity, and live in harmony with one another. Avoid thinking you are better than others or wiser than the rest; instead, embrace common people and ordinary tasks. 17 Do not retaliate with evil, regardless of the evil brought against you. Try to do what is good and right and honorable as agreed upon by all people. 18 If it is within your power, make peace with all people.


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