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The Healthy Way: How to Cultivate Healthy Friendships with Sally Clarkson

Friendship.  It is a word that brings joy to your heart or sadness to your soul.  Or maybe both at the same time. To have a true, safe friend who is on your side and in your corner is what we all long for and desire, but she can be hard to find.

Sally Clarkson, author of Girls Club, joins us for the final topic on The Healthy Way series:  Friendship.  We talk about why friendships can be difficult, especially among Christian communities, how we can be a healthier friend to others, and how we can help our children cultivate strong bonds and friendships, with us and others.

We believe in having a tribe of sisters here at The Sisterhood.  If you do too, you’ll love this episode.

You can listen here:

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Things you heard mentioned in this episode:

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