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Sister Interview: Lisa Leonard

Lisa Leonard’s name has become synonymous with her jewelry design company, Lisa Leonard Designs. Started out of the spare hours of her day caring for her son with special needs, Lisa’s hand stamped jewelry business combined with her blog has grown to a multi-million dollar company with more than 300 employees in five countries. A woman who has walked through many doors God has opened, she has a story worth telling.

Despite her business success, Lisa felt paralyzed by her responsibilities and asked her husband Steve for a separation. Through counseling she realized she was taking on other people’s feelings and didn’t know how to ask for what she wanted. In this interview we talk through how she and Steve continue to work on their relationship, how Lisa actively practices saying what she needs, and her imginary file box that helps her from taking on others’ feelings.

We talk through her creative process, how she carves out silence to make mental space for new ideas, what a typical day looks like and how she learned she owns two forklifts. You won’t want to miss this honest and insightful conversation with jewelry designer Lisa Leonard. An episode for any woman who has wondered am I too afraid to say what I really want?

You can connect with Lisa on her website, on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Listen to our interview with Lisa here.

Things you heard mentioned on the show:



Lisa’s new book: Brave Love: Making Space for You to Be You

Stephen David Leonard

As You Wish Jewelry Design

Self Compassion by Kriten Neff

Aquafor chapstick

Levi’s 501


Nikon 5D

Kodiak Cakes pancake mix

Lisa’s protein pancakes

2 eggs, a scoop of cottage cheese, and ¼ c of oats per person

Blend in the blender

Add salt, cinnamon and vanilla

Chicken Marbella in the Instapot

The Silver Pallete’s chicken Marbella recipe

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  1. Katherine Jones says:

    You guys, this was such a fun episode. I felt like I was sitting among good friends sharing a great conversation. So many takeaways, each all the more meaningful as I’m reading Lisa’s compelling book. Thank you for sharing your hearts so beautifully. And now I’m off to make Chicken Marbella. 🙂

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