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Surviving Summer: Being Present and Intentional with Time (Crossover Episode)

In an Open Door Sisterhood Podcast first, we are doing a crossover episode with the Surviving Sarah podcast! That means you can listen to half of the conversation here on our podcast and head over to Episode 180 of the Surviving Sarah podcast to listen to the second half of our discussion about…you guessed it, Surviving Summer!

We are choosing to do this shared episode with our great friend Sarah Bragg because we want you to get to know her. And bonus, we brought on two more of our shared friends, Kate Merrick and Morgan Tyree, as the experts in how to be intentional about being with our people and using time well in the summer months. In this episode we talk about being present. What does that mean? How are we distracted? And what are we distracted from? Over on Surviving Sarah we talk through the time management aspect of summer so that WE CAN be present with those we love best.

This is also an Open Door Sisterhood Podcast first because we feature five, yes five! voices. Consider it your sisterhood round table on intentional approaches to making the most of your summer (especially if you’re a mom!) From social media to busyness, we all need to see the forest from the trees and lay out what is most important to us in the summer months.

Head over to Surviving Sarah Episode 180 to hear the other half of our conversation.

Connect with Sarah Bragg, Morgan Tyree and Kate Merrick for more of their great wisdom.

Listen to our portion of the episode on iTunes or follow this link:

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Some things you heard mentioned on the show:

The Surviving Sarah Podcast

Kate’s new book, Here, Now: Unearthing Peace and Presence in an Overconnected World

Morgan’s new book, Take Back Your Time: Identify Your Priorities, Decrease Stress, and Increase Productivity

Reality Church

Raising Boys and Girls Podcast

Things you heard mentioned on the show:

“Post, don’t scroll.” -Kate Merrick

“You want to get to the end of your life and say, ‘I nailed it'”. -Kate Merrick

“We are missing out on what’s actually ours, by wanting what’s not ours.” -Kate Merrick

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