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Staying With Your Feelings With Anjuli Paschall

Anjuli Paschall knows what it is to escape the uncomfortable. However in this time of pandemic, when the walls seem to be closing in on us, it feels nearly impossible to escape where we are. Anjuli’s invitation is to stay. Stay in your uncomfortable circumstances, feel the hard feelings, and invite Jesus into those place to experience his transformation.

In an honest, timely, and poignant interview we hear how this mom to five is “staying” during the pandemic. Though she may want to avoid, deflect, or escape the places of friction and tension, she is choosing to consciously be present so that God can do his work. For most of us who are literally staying at home because we have no other option, this mindset of choosing to stay gives us opportunity to grow and allow Jesus to meet us in our real moments of need.

From big griefs to small moments, this invitation to bring the holy into our reality may be just what you need to fully experience what God has for you during this season of “stay”.

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