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10 Ways to Increase Peace This Christmas Season

If ever there was a year to celebrate Christmas, it’s this one. We need the reminder that God loved the world enough to enter our space. Yet, we are coming off of a year of incredible heartache. We are carrying that additional stress into an already hectic (and yes stressful!) time of year. How do we increase peace?

In this episode, Krista and Alex give us their top ten tips to helping create some peace during this unprecedented time. These are steps you can take NOW (yes even at the end of October!) to be setting your family up well for a Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday in the middle of a lingering global pandemic. From practical tips to a bit of inspiration around why we celebrate Christmas in the first place, you will be inspired to make the upcoming season as meaningful as possible.

So don’t forget to listen and don’t forget to sign up for our Christmas Remake, a 3-week interactive course that gets you organized for everything from meal planning to decorating to shopping. As we say do the work now and your December self will thank your November self for all of the work you did.

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