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The Brain Game: Christian Mindfulness with Dr. Regina Chow Trammel

What if we could be present in all circumstances without judgment? What if we could step back from the moment, observe it, and ask God to reveal himself to us? What if we didn’t let our emotions drive our thought processes, but gave them a comfortable spot in the passenger seat where they were buckled in, but not directing?

Dr. Regina Chow Trammel works with social work students at Azusa Pacific University and counselors in training and she has been studying the overlap between mindfulness and Christian practice. There is in fact space for a faithful Christian to pause and enter a mindful state in order to listen for God’s voice. We promise this isn’t wonky, in fact it echoes meditation and welcoming prayer that Christians have practiced for centuries. If you ever wondered if Christian faith and mindfulness go together, this is the episode for you.

The Brain Game is the series we’re in. We hear a lot about neuroscience these days and want to know how all of the new research and findings connect to our faith. They aren’t siloed topics, but helpful information that inform each other. In this conversation we talk about our trauma responses, the vagal nerve, and the parasympathetic nervous system. All of these physical responses impact our emotional responses and vice versa. As we practice mindfulness we are able to slow our racing thoughts down so our bodies can relax and we can more objectively observe our situations. It’s a beautiful thing.

So don’t wait. Take a deep breath, be mindful of where you are and how you’re feeling, and push play on this episode.

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Regina’s book A Counselor’s Guide to Christian Mindfulness: Engaging the Mind, Body, and Soul in Biblical Practices and Theories written in partnership with John Trent

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Dr. Stephen Porges

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Memorable quotes

“Mindfulness is a practice of joy, not happiness or toxic positivity, but joy.”

“A Christian definition of mindfulness: Paying attention to the current moment, inviting God into that, and abiding by his voice in that moment.”

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