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This Cultural Moment: Facing Reality with Jen Oshman

What is the opposite of something that is real? A counterfeit. It’s even more than that, it tries to come off as authentic and real, but it is fake. Our guest in this week’s episode has a new book titled Cultural Counterfeits: Confronting 5 Empty Promises of Our Age and How We Were Made For So Much More. In this conversation we talk with Jen Oshman about five promises the world offers women today that don’t follow through.

Jen is a faithful follower of Jesus that wants to face the reality of cultural norms without necessarily buying into them. She talks with us about being informed, having winsome conversations, and coming to terms with the losses we might face when we challenge cultural counterfeits. She reminds us that Jesus is worth the price of our discomfort and he always wants us to be looking for what is true and real. He asks us to face reality with full confidence that in the end grace and hope in him are what we’ll find.

If you are feeling frustrated by the common narrative that you must either embrace the cultural tides or hide from them, Jen offers a third way. She encourages us to look at our closest places of influence, where we will impact the world with the most depth and begin there.

As we take seemingly small steps of faith we will find ourselves on a bigger journey with God that is made up of small step after small step. This episode is certainly centered on what we charge each other with here at the sisterhood, “Be a world changer for good right where you are.” Jen gives both the why and the how of this call.

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Jen’s books Cultural Counterfeits and Enough About Me

Jen’s podcast All Things

“Human wellbeing requires harmony with reality.”

“We are called to be a porch light in a dark night.”

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