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A Special Episode: On school shootings with Crystal Woodman Miller

This is a special episode we wish we didn’t have to release: On School Shootings with Columbine High School survivor Crystal Woodman Miller.

As we all reel from the senseless tragedy of the Robb Elementary shooting in Uvalde, Texas, once again this subject comes to forefront of our minds and hearts.

We are asking the questions: What if this happens to my child? How do I talk to my kids about this? How do survivors of school shootings ever learn to live life again? How do we stop this? These are some of the questions we attempt to address in this interview.

Beginning with Crystal’s personal story, she helps us understand what it really means to be a “survivor,” to trust God in the hardest of circumstances, and to find life again after tragedy.

When hard things happen, here at The Sisterhood we circle up. This is what we are doing today.

This is not a part of our regular series, but a special episode released in light of recent events. May God build our faith and may we trust God over our fears.

Quotes from Crystal

Faith is learning to trust God over our fears.

Whatever you feed, thrives. So starve the fear.


Triumph Over Tragedy – a healing retreat for survivors of mass shootings

To my Fellow Survivors – an open letter to survivors of mass shootings

You can reach Crystal through her website

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