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This Cultural Moment Series: Doubting Faith with A.J. Swoboda

As people of faith, doubt scares us. We ask questions such as: Does doubt mean our children will never return to faith? Will I ever experience God again? Is God angry or punishing me for my doubt? How does doubt differ from unbelief? What should I say to those who are doubting?

Joining us for this important episode is A.J. Swoboda, award winning author, theology professor, and speaker. A.J. walks us through doubt vs. unbelief, how to respond to doubt, the definition of deconstruction, why this generation may be struggling with questions about faith, and why talking through doubts with trusted people matters.

We are sure the wisdom shared in this episode will speak to you and offer a fresh and helpful perspective.

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Some Things You Heard On The Episode

After Doubt: how to question your faith without losing it

Deconstruction is the idea of undoing something. It comes out of the German post modern tradition.

Skye Jethani  – The Holy Post Podcast

Preston Sprinkle: The Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender

The Bible Project

In Faith & Doubt Podcast with AJ Swoboda & NiJay Gupta

John 20 – Jesus never rushes. He waits 7 days to show Thomas his scars. It is abundantly clear that Thomas’ faith crisis was not Jesus’ faith crisis.

Quotes from the episode

“When I respond to someone who is walking through doubt with answers, it often ends up pushing them away. So how do we respond? We probably should start watching Jesus more… the doubter meets Jesus not in the answer, but in the presence.” -AJ Swoboda

“The person who is walking through doubt, they’re not looking for a logical, apologetics answer, they are looking for someone to be with them in their foxhole.” -AJ Swoboda

“People have replaced the body of Christ with their iphones, and it’s killing us. People are made in the image of God but phones are not.” -AJ Swoboda



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