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The Healthy Way: Creativity in the Margins with Ashlee Gadd

Creativity can feel like something we’ll get to someday. Like when the kids are grown or the kitchen is clean. If we let it, that someday can turn into delay and even never. Why are we talking about this as part of our series The Healthy Way? Because we believe actively practicing creativity helps us live out how God made us.

Founder of Coffee + Crumbs, Ashlee Gadd, talks with moms all around the world about motherhood and creativity. Our conversation focuses in on how to get started when it’s been a while, why creating together is a reflection of doing life together, and how to incorporate some practices into our actual lives that will get the creative sparks going.

You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to be creative. You simply need to be someone made in the image of God. You ARE creative, now let’s get on with the work of recognizing when we are already practicing creativity, and intentionally adding some outlets into our everyday experiences that help to break up the monotony and see the world with new eyes.

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A few things mentioned on the show

Ashely’s new book Create Anyway

Tricia Goyer

The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath

Julia Cameron

Rhythm 52 Writing Prompts by Katie Blackburn

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