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Lead with Adventure with Jessie Cruickshank

We are taking a unique look at adventure today as we continue in our Lead Your Life series. You’ve probably heard of the hero’s journey in literature. On this episode we discuss our own hero’s journey and what change, adventure, risk, fear, other people, and God have to do with it.

Jessie Cruickshank holds a degree from Harvard in Mind, Brain, and Education. She is also a nationally recognized expert in disciple making and the neuroscience of transformation. Added to that resume is mountaineering and a background in outdoor education.

If you want to be encouraged to live a better. more adventurous story – join us for this episode!

Stages of faith development – James Fowler

Starting with IDENTITY:

Fill in “I am” statements…..
Consider – what is the story God is inviting me into?

The hero’s journey – Joseph Campbell : Universal narrative that humans repeat in the arc of storytelling

  1. A person who is called to an adventure
  2. Who turns down the adventure
  3. But then life compels her to reconsider and take the challenge
  4. She meets a guide and a goes on the path.
  5. On the way she transforms from ordinary to a hero.

Question: Where are you on the hero’s journey?

Adventure is the invitation to move outside our comfort zone (physical, emotional, social, spiritual chanllenge)

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