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Lead Your Mindset with Coach Emily Love

Our thoughts determine our lives. They are that important. This is why mindset matters. We can’t talk about leading our lives without first talking about leading our mindset.

Emily Love, a certified life coach and thought leader, offers valuable thoughts around how we identify our mindset, how we call out lies we’re believing, what role feelings play, and how we can use a mindset shift to change how we are moving through the world.

Then Krista, also a life coach, chimes in afterwards about resetting the brain and how to use visualization to help set an upward spiral in motion in your thinking and life.

You cannot miss this episode. If you want your life to be better on any level, this episode will help you do that.

Find Emily on her website or Instagram.

Some Things You Heard On The Show

Mindset – an established set of attitudes held by someone; Your mindset is what you believe to be true about yourself, others, and the world.

Susan David – feelings are a signpost

Mindset for kids:

Right before a test, what do you think?
When you head to that test, here is what you can believe about yourself: I can do this – I’ve prepared.

What would be the ideal thing you would want your coach to say? Now the parent can become the voice of what the child is really hoping to hear.

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