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Smart Summer Strategies for Parents with Shawna Sullivan: Part One

Summer’s coming.

And it’s coming fast.

Moms need some smart strategies to get us through. Why? Because summer has different rhythms, expectations, and needs. And every summer our kids are different ages than they were in summers past. The old ways may no longer work. It’s our time to rise.

In this two-episode conversation, we invite Shawna Sullivan to share her strategies for getting things done while also enjoying her kids. We cover:

-Family principles to fall back on when planning

-How summer offers a reset for time together

-Planning with the end goal in mind

-Doing a family inventory of what an “enjoyable summer” looks like

-On days and off days during summer months

-Face-to-face vs. side-by-side vs. alone time for moms and kids

We are having this conversation NOW, before summer has completely snuck up on us. And the great news is there will be more next week with Part Two!

Get Shawna’s free download

As mentioned on the show, Shawna has created a resource for Our Time to Rise podcast listeners. Grab her Ten Simple Strategies to help you enjoy summer rather than dread it or regret it. You can download the here.

Connect with Shawna

On her website or Instagram

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Questions to help you rise up

For journaling or reflecting with friends, here are some questions to help you rise up to meet what summer presents.

  1. What do I have time for that I haven’t had time for in the last season?

2. What could I focus on with my kids this summer?

3. At the end of the summer when someone asks me how my summer was, how would I like to answer?

4. What are the principles that we’re going to fall back on as a family during the summer?

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