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Smart Summer Strategies for Parents Part 2 with Shawna Sullivan

We are stepping off of Memorial Day and into SUMMER!

Who’s ready?!

If you’re waving your hand in the air, then this episode is for you.

If you’re slowly lifting your hand because you’re not sure if you’re ready, then this episode is for you.

If you are shaking your head, wondering how you are so unprepared, then this episode is for you.

Shawna Sullivan is back to continue the conversation about being intentional with our time in the summer months with kids at home. We pick up right where we ended in the Part 1 episode, so go listen to that first if you haven’t already.

In this episode we talk about:

-Life lesson benefits of side-by-side time

-How to create alone time for everyone in your home

-Shawna’s summer rhythm of rotating through the different types of time

-Inviting friends, for both moms and kids, along on your activities

-The concept of easy plus one to add the “special” to any part of your day

-Offering kids loose structure as a jumping off point for their creativity

-Using summer as a time to recalibrate to our family’s values

If summer feels overwhelming, this episode will give you the confidence to know that it’s your time to rise. You can meet the new challenges that summer months bring, and not only meet them, but see them as opportunities for new ways to connect and grow. We are so glad you are joining us in this conversation about smart strategies for summer.

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As mentioned on the show, Shawna has created a resource for Our Time to Rise podcast listeners. Grab her Ten Simple Strategies to help you enjoy summer rather than dread it or regret it. You can download the here.

Questions to help you Rise Up

  1. How can you build alone time into your schedule?
  2. What would be a good rhythm for an average summer day?
  3. How can you invite friends into your summer activities?
  4. In what ways are you allowing kids to take responsibility for their summer plans?

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