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Creating Cozy In Your Home For Fall with Ahn Lin

It’s time to reset our homes for fall! Do you want to create warm and cozy for the season? We’ve got a few decorating and styling tips for you in this episode.

Join our conversation with Ahn Lin, designer and host of the popular blog Girl and the Word, as we discuss creating places of joy, peace and hope. She also gets very practical, telling us what lightbulbs to get for the best ambient lighting.

Our exterior impacts our interior. Ahn is a great example of someone who used design and space to help heal trauma in her life. She helps people discover how they can do the same.

This is a great episode to usher in September this year.

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Astronaut Star Galaxy Projector Light

3 spaces to have in your home:

a place of joy (Ahn’s plant wall)

a place of peace (Ahn’s tea corner)

a place of hope (see Ahn’s altar)


  • What is one change I can make to create more “cozy” in my home this fall?
  • Where is my place of joy, my place of peace and my place of hope?
  • Is there a place of my home that isn’t serving me?
  • What can I do differently in that space?

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