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What I’ve Noticed About You: Our Keys to Longterm Friendship (Part 2) with Krista and Alex

Friendship is intentional. If you want depth to this lifeline of a relationship, you need to make it a priority. In our second part of our conversation around healthy friendships, Krista and Alex continue with their discussion of attributes they’ve noticed about each other that have strengthened their relationship over three decades.

From humility to honesty a friendship requires trust – often over time. It also requires the kind of commitment that creates safety. But how do we incorporate these building blocks into our everyday interactions? How do we have the kinds of relationships that are both encouraging and challenging us to growth in the very best ways?

We hope this conversation inspires some reflection on your own friendships and encourages you to consider where you want to invest your time and energy this year. We all want friends. We all want to be good friends. We don’t often pause to consider how we are doing in this arena. This series is intended to help us do just that.

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I few things mentioned

Boundaries and Safe People by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Reflection questions

When was a time a friend believed the best in you? How did that feel?

How well do you keep confidences? Who can you trust to keep things confidential?

Who is within arm’s reach that you would like to become better friends with? What can you do with intention this week to reach out to that friend?

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