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Maximizing Your Look with Rebecca Reid, Color Analyst

Do you want to make the most of your natural beauty? Do you want to feel good in the clothes you are wearing?

In this conversation, Rebecca Reid, a certified personal color analyst, discusses the power of color analysis and how it can enhance personal style and beauty. She explains that each person is unique and their coloring should be reflected in their color palette.

Rebecca also discusses the comeback color analysis is making in the world and the benefits it offers, such as simplifying decision-making and saving time and money. We camp in the idea of “harmony” in color choices and how it be a game changer as we consider how to look our best.

We define such terms as undertone, value range, and chroma and why these matter. You will be happy to also know that the colors that looks best on you also apply to make up. Yes ladies, we get to simplify our make-up drawers in this episode also (BIG win)!

If you are curious about how color can help you feel and look your best, this episode is for you.

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Some Things You Heard on the Show:

Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix

The Munsell System (color analysis)

True Color International

Question to help you rise:

1. When you heard Rebecca talking about how God made your coloring uniquely and intentionally, how did that make you feel?

2. When have you felt “in harmony” with your coloring?  

3. How could you cultivate more peace with how God made you? 

4. How could you simplify your closet and make up drawer based on what you learned today?

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