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Styling Fashion Over 40 with Julie Powell & Krista Olufson

Just because we are middle-aged doesn’t mean we need to look frumpy. In fact, fashion stylists and Instagram duo Julie Powell and Krista Olufson teach us just the opposite. This is a time in our lives when we want to feel good. How we dress in the morning can help with that.

On their Instagram profile @lastseenwearing, Julie and Krista teach us how to style clothes instead of just wearing them. From accessories (hello belts are a big deal!) to the cut of a jean, we talk through how we can look fresh and up to date as our bodies and styles change. It’s the small things that make us look put together and then we feel our best as we walk through our days.

If you are looking for some practical help in how to be age-appropriate in your fashion (we do not need to dress like our daughters) while also current, this episode is for you. Because as we rise to meet life’s challenges we want to look and feel our best.

Connect with Krista and Julie

on Instagram and website

Listen to the episode

On iTunes or watch us here:

Some things mentioned

Comfortable shoe brands:

Dolce vita

-Birken stock- Sandals

Dr scholl’s

Mephisto- Sandals

Sam Edelman


Miranda Frye

-Maggie bracelet

-Risen Jewellery- Christian Jewellery

Kinsley Armelle

Some questions to help you rise

1. Do you feel tension between your faith and an interest in fashion?

2. What action step could you take to organize your current clothes into styled outfits?

3. When you do an inventory of your clothes, what do you have enough of and need to stop buying?  

4. What can you purchase to make more styled outfits with what you already have?

5. How could you use accessories to spice up your current outfit?

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