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Making Peace with Aging Bodies with Heather Creekmore

Do you struggle with aging? Do you look in the mirror and wonder where the person you used to be went? Or maybe you are even having a hard time reading this description because your eye sight is changing but you don’t want to get glasses.

In this conversation, Heather Creekmore, author and coach, discusses the fear of aging otherwise known as Gerascophobia – yes, there is really a name for it. She highlights the cultural shifts and ageism that contribute to this fear, as well as the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards.

Heather emphasizes the importance of settling the heart issue and finding contentment in our identity, rather than relying on external validation. She also addresses the personal choices we make regarding our appearance and the need to avoid judgment towards others.

This episode explores the challenges and questions that arise with aging, particularly in relation to physical appearance and body changes. It delves into topics such as dealing with gray hair, struggling with body changes and weight gain, settling identity, and embracing aging gracefully and gratefully.

Let’s be people at Our Time To Rise who get BETTER with age!


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Do we want to believe the word or do we want to believe the world?

Who do I want to become? and how do I become that person now?


In what area are you most struggling with aging?

What does God want you to know about this area of your life?

What is unique about the age you are right now that you don’t want to miss?

Who do you want to become?


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