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Sex in Midlife with Dr. Carol Tanksley, M.D.

Our bodies are changing…and well…that means our bodies are changing ;).

Our trusted, go-to OBGYN, Dr. Carol Tanksle,y is back on the show to remind us that as our bodies change our need for intimacy does not. In fact, midlife can be a time of great emotional upheaval, or at least of emotional awareness, which can then impact how we experience sex. The combination of physical changes with all of the other external life circumstance changes, it’s no surprise our bodies don’t respond like they did twenty or even ten years ago.

After decades of working as a physician and speaking with thousands of women, Dr. Carol gives incredible advice to both married and single women about the need for intimacy and self-care during midlife. As whole people, we must address all areas of ourselves in order to be fully healthy.

No topic is off limits and we know this is one you want to talk about, so here we are. Sex in midlife. It’s a thing. Let’s make it a very good thing as God intended.

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Questions to Help You Rise

  • How is midlife impacting your body?
  • How are you feeling about sex these days?
  • If you are married, how can you talk to your spouse about sex and what you would like?
  • What is one thing you can do today to “deal with your stuff” as Dr. Carol mentions at the end of the episode?

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