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Using AI for Gospel Purposes with Jen Richey

Do you fear artificial intelligence (AI)? or augmented reality (AR)? Do you wonder what is going to happen if we, as a culture, transition to using these technologies more and more?

We wonder that too. That’s why we decided to have Jen Richey on the podcast. Jen is the Chief Strategy Officer of Gravity Jack, Inc. an augmented and virtual reality company. She is also a committed Christian who is striving to use their technology to further the gospel message in the world.

In this conversation, Jen helps us define artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) and how they can be used as tools. Most notably, she emphasizes the importance of understanding the limitations and biases of AI and the need to be discerning when using AI tools (this was an especially surprising part).

Jen also shares her personal journey with technology and how her faith has influenced her work in the tech industry. She encourages all of us to approach technology with wisdom and to find ways to do our creative best to use it for the Kingdom purposes.

You will walk away from this episode less fearful of technology and more inspired to use it for good!

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What new insight did you discover about AI or AR after listening to this episode? 

In what way have you allowed fear to root inside of you surrounding technology? 

What action do you feel led to take after listening to this episode?

What good could you bring to the world using technology? 

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