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Using Humor to Lighten Up with Molly Stillman

Molly Stillman’s story is not all laughter and fun. She lost her mother at an early age. But it was watching her parents maneuver through hardship with levity and humor that modeled to her that life is always a combination of good and hard. Through their story and her own – Molly offers concrete examples of how taking ourselves and our circumstances too seriously can rob of us the joy that is also available.

In this episode, Molly emphasizes the importance of the human experience in balancing joy and pain. Whether it’s cracking a joke to break tension in a moment or realigning what is important when details of life surprise us, you will be encouraged that in your disappointment, frustration, or grief, you can have a lens of holding everything with lightness. God’s plan is always at work. We can allow laughter and levity in to places and moments that need the reminder that there is still good news and goodness in our days.

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Molly’s Book: If I don’t laugh, I will cry

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A few things mentioned on the show

China Beach Tv show

Airplane movie

Questions to Help You Rise

  1. What kind of humor do yo enjoy?
  2. What is your natural response when faced with a stressful situation?
  3. How could you add some levity to your responses?
  4. What could you incorporate to your life to bring more lightness?
  5. In what relationship do you need to add some humor, some play, or levity?

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