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Does Anyone Like Me? with Sarah Bragg

Have you ever asked the question, “Does anyone like me?” Maybe people used to like you, but you are wondering if they do now. Or maybe your son or daughter is asking that question.

Few admit they have these thoughts, and even less talk about them out loud. We’re changing that! Today on the podcast we are discussing the topic of feeling liked and building friendships. We explore the middle school mentality that often resurfaces in adulthood, the impact of transitions on confidence, and the transfer of insecurities from failed relationships.

You will learn how many hours it takes to build a new friendship and what we can do to open ourselves up to new relationships.

Midlife can shift our friendships – we’re here to help!


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Sarah’s Book- Is Everyone Happier Than Me?

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  • The middle school mentality of questioning whether people like us often resurfaces in adulthood, especially during times of transition.
  • Being introspective and self-aware can help us recognize and address our insecurities and negative patterns of thinking.
  • Building friendships takes time, with casual friendships requiring 40-60 hours, and deeper friendships requiring over 200 hours of quality time together.
  • Being open to new friendships, even on a casual level, can lead to meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.
  • Noticing the good in ourselves and approaching relationships with curiosity and compassion can enhance our ability to build and maintain friendships.


  1. Has there been a season or circumstance where you have been more prone to feeling like no one likes you?
  2. How could you focus on showing how much you enjoy others around you today, rather than focus on how others feel about you?
  3. What are some qualities you have that make you a good friend?
  4. How could you convey a posture of openness to others around you today as you are out in the world?


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